A Nostalgic Look Back at the Salud Restaurant

This website was originally created to promote the Latin eatery Salud.

The 2012 hurricane, Sandy, caused extensive damage to the popular South Street Seaport area and particularly to the historic Front Street shops in lower Manhattan. The Latin eatery, Salud, was inundated with 15 feet of floodwaters during the storm destroying the basement infrastructure, as well as its ground floor. The restaurants that were hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy set up online fundraising campaigns to help with repair costs. The Salud restaurant's owners initially hoped to reopen with the help of a Gofundme campaign. There was no FEMA money for small businesses other than loans. For Salud, taking on more debt and facing those payments when they don't know when they would be able to reopen just didn't seem feasible. Ultimately, Salud Tapas among a handful of other New York City restaurants chose to close their doors. How disappointing for them, how sad for those of us who frequented them to enjoy exceptional food.


November 16, 2012 A Message from the Owners of Salud

Salud would like to send our sincere well wishes for those of you who have been affected by this storm. Salud was 15 feet underwater from the basement up to the main dining room and the entire business infrastructure of Historic Front Street was decimated by this catastrophic event. With no guarantee of an insurance flood coverage, we are faced with a long rebuilding financial road ahead. We would like to thank everyone for their moral support throughout these difficult times.  Your donations will be greatly appreciated. Hope to be back soon!


After the restaurant closed, this website's domain was allowed to expire and with it, the website. I ,along with others, moved on to the new restaurants that were opened in the South Street Seaport area or to the older restaurants that were able to rebuild. I missed Salud.

Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original Salud Restaurant website.Unfortunately, there was little archived content, so I have used other sources along with images to recreate a nostalgic memory of what Salud once was.

Salud may be gone, but their spirit lives up


These reviews perfectly capture the essence of Salud.

August 04, 2011

Que rico! – I work Downtown and frequent Salud every Summer. Salud is consistently serves great food, cocktails and live jazz on Thursdays. I immediately thought of Salud for my job's Annual Summer Outing. Eddie, Jose and the staff at Salud is outstanding! Eddie was so helpful in setting up a private cocktail reception for my dept. on 8/2/11. It was a hit! The decor, ambiance, and music was a great backdrop to a lovely afternoon event. The staff was super friendly, efficient, and went above and beyond to make my group feel welcome. The food was delicious! An eagle-eyed staff member noticed my colleague wasn't really eating and he took the time to ask her why. No, the food was fine, but she's a vegetarian, so her choices were limited from the party menu. He had the chef make her a veggie wrap! Now that's rare, personalized service. But that's how they do things at Salud. My boss was impressed and stayed for several hours after our event was over. That's huge! He's already talking about booking for next year. Everyone in my dept. is giving me kudos for choosing such a wonderful venue for our event. Everyone had a great time. Thanks Salud for making me look so good! You never cease to impress me.

May 09, 2011

CLARO QUE SI!!!! – My boyfriend and I were walking around trying to decide which restaurant to try (we'd never tried any in the area), and went to Salud because of A) how good it smelled, and B) they were playing some really good music.

BEST CHOICE we could've made. The meal I had was EXACTLY what I was craving and it was soooo freaking good.

I had a mango mojito...then another...my boyfriend had the peach champagne something-or-other...then he had another...we shared both, and both were some of the best drinks I've ever had...

He had a bunch of different appetizers as his meal, I had the skirt steak....damn...he had the spicy shrimp (the plate was set on fire, it was awesome), the garlic shrimp with the only tostones that can top the ones i make at home, and a cuban sandwich good enough to make you eat another even if you're full...again, we shared everything, and walked out talking about when we can come back.

I was also very impressed with the service. Our server didn't write anything down...I'll admit, I was nervous about that (bad experiences in other places had me a little paranoid), but everything was flawless.

Don't pay attention to negative reviews, try this place for yourself. You'll be upset it took you this long to find it. I know I am. :)


November 03, 2010

GREAT PLACE TO EAT – Was looking for some other place but ended up at this place, am sure glad we ended up there. The food was amazing and well priced, the drinks where great and the atmosphere was on the money. I will be making another trip to this place....

July 24, 2010

Happy Hour Drinks Knocked Me Off My A$$ – Happy Hour Starts Early and Everyday 4pm! I get out of work around 3pm and its a pain to sit at a bar for two hours waiting for the drink specials to begin. Salud charges $5 for traditional mojitos, sangria, Caipirinhas , and martinis. I was expecting to swallow down at least four drinks with their $5 special. I WAS WRONG! Be warned their drink sizes are well portioned and the mix was not watered down. I order a mojito that came in a highball glass (filled to the top) my other two friends had a sangria and a mojito as well. I had only sipped about a fourth of my drink and I began to feel the alcohol. The wait staff came around at least three times to ask if we were ready for a 2nd round. Each time we politely refused. One of my girlfriends (who has a high tolerance) finally started a 2nd round and the two of us soon followed . It was a struggle, for two of the three, to finish our 2nd round of drinks. Eventually, one of us made it safely to her third round of drinks. Delicious, well balanced, but strong.

When we first arrived the place was pretty empty, since it was a few minutes after 4pm. Gradually the place began to fill up. The interior decorating was nice and reminded me of a Caribbean (not cheesy) villa. When we were first seated there was techno (translation = tech-NOOOOO! lol) music playing. Then it changed to salsa, merengue and bachata!!

I read others reviews about how the wait staff was unprofessional or neglectful. Not in our case. We sat at a table for four although we were three. One of the tables rocked so much that we almost lost our entire first round of drinks. I asked the waitress if she had anything to stabilize it more - don't get me wrong I've had my fair share of wobbly tables and never complain but this thing kept slanting at a very sharp angle with slightest touch. She quickly got a busboy and he removed all the flatware and our drinks, hoisted the table, and adjusted the leg to be leveled to the floor. We thanked them graciously!

Bathrooms were small and very dark --but hey i don't eat in there so no worries!

ince we were three, we stuck to the Prix Fixe Menu and decided to share. The food was pretty delicious. I strongly recommend La Faldita the Bacalitos. The skirt steak was very tender and juicy! The sauce that came with the Bacalitos was amazing. Had i been home i would have used my hands to savor every drop. The ceviche was not great - SKIP IT!

For the 2nd course

We ordered Anticuchos, Gambas Ajillo, and Paellita. All three were excellent chocies. Again the steak was delicious -- it came skewered on a stick with veggies and cook just right. The shrimp was not chewy or tough, very tender and just the right amount of spice to it. The paella was not soggy, sticky, instead light.

Happy Hour drinks were AMAZING. FOOD generally taste very good. Staff was courteous, attentive, and polite. I read someone commenting on the attire. Exactly what the hell are you expecting?!? Should they be dressed like the Pilgrims or the characters on BIG LOVE?!? At a bar most female and men staff dress trendy and slightly provocative. Face the window if you can't stand the view!